True Alchemy: Heaviness to Light

The choice is always present to believe in yourself that you can be the designer of your own life, the captain of your own ship. Greatness is achieved through adversity. To become curious about your possibilities and be your own experiment to see what could be your highest potential. After all, we are imbued with more than 70% of ‘junk’ DNA laying dormant waiting to be activated and approximately the same percentage of the brain waiting to be discovered. The sooner you become your own ally, the sooner the eternal now will be a much more enjoyable, evolutionary ride.

Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Depression was misery for me, but now no longer a mystery. In modern day society, lost is a wisdom of the spiritual and energetic aspects that lay at the root of ones state of beingness. Recovery of your ‘inner child’, the joy, curiosity, wonder of life, that you truly just are. Back to basics, sloughing off all the heaviness of labels of status, id’s and masks of who you should be. Stepping up out of that box that you feel you have to fit in to. Revealing your unique eternal spark of creation.

I have come to know through my healing journey and self realization that I am an empath or energetically sensitive person. As an empath, one soaks up outer energies like a sponge and is heavily impacted by interpersonal and collective emotions, thoughts and conditions as well as personal. This causes one to be fatigued easily, feel heavy and anxious all the time and it takes a lot of energy to just be ‘normal’ amidst what feels like constant chaos. Depression is pretty much inevitable if you ‘feel’ everything at an intensely deep level without any context as to why. Feeling uncomfortable in your body results as these energies build up in you as you are unaware of how to transmute them and process them through. If you can relate and are experiencing mystery pains, anxiety and depression, you may be an empath too. Depression is simply a disempowered state. The solution is to empower oneself. Focusing on self-care and practicing healthy boundaries is essential.

In understanding yourself within our current environment, there is much power and gifts waiting to be attained and shared in order to affect positive change if you have an acute empathic disposition. Just by working on yourself and transmuting your low/dense feelings to high/light in and of itself, will have a powerful ripple affect into the collective energetic field. One of the ways to do this is by working on ‘knowing thyself’. Herein lies the difference between the veiled you and your true purpose which is powerful beyond what you can imagine.

Everyone has levels of empathy and contend with trauma and their emotional states. Each person and their state of being has an affect on the all (collective consciousness of humanity). Emotional coherance and balance is so crucial for our mental and physical health. Since all of our experiences are recorded in the connective tissues of our water rich body, heavy burdens of emotions such as grief, anger etc. tend to get stuck in our bodies creating an inflammatory response and build up of toxins. This not only leads to health challenges, but also unconscious compulsive behavior and actions that are not in your favor. The body has an incredibly resilient, intelligence for self healing, but your mind has to be aligned and become an ally for your highest good.

This happens by recognizing the subconscious negative belief patterns that hold you back, and editing them out for new positive ones that champion you, rather than sabotage you. Acknowledging, understanding and with compassion releasing stagnant, old, dense thought patterns and emotions to make room for a more positive, loving, peaceful state to create from. We must have the courage to look at and make peace with the dark, ugly skeletons we have swept in the back of the closet in order to clear and create a new space. Being honest with yourself to know where you are at, because only from there can you take steps forward. Know that the deeper you are, the higher you can go. This is the real meaning of Alchemy talked about in religious and esoteric traditions. A modern day practice of Alchemy today is known as ‘Shadow work’. A diamond is created out of coal with immense pressure and heat. In mythology, the metaphor is that alchemists turn lead into gold.

In the bible in Matthew 2:22, Jesus states;
And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.
(‘wine’ represents ‘the blood of Jesus Christ’ which is a metaphor for new life force energy or Christ Consciousness. In order to receive this ‘new life’ we must make the necessary changes in our being or ‘skins’, in order to receive the new.)

In yogic traditions, the lotus is revered because it grows from the deep, murky, stagnant waters of a swamp, only to emerge as a beautiful, bright blossom when it’s head reaches above water and continues to grow well above it. This symbol is therefore a metaphor for the transformational process that is possible within each and every one of us. Transmutation of pain, trauma, depression and anxiety can lead to expansion, beauty, freedom and power, which is ultimately revealing your true expression. This is the intention and goal of Indigo Lotus Thai Massage.


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