Resurrection of Ancient Science

My fascination as a bodywork student has been with Connective Tissue and Fascia, along with Traditional Chinese Meridian Science. Coincidentally, a Japanese scientist Dr. Motoyama has discovered that the two concepts run in tandem. TCM meridian lines seem to overlap the lines of the Connective Tissue and fascia. Essentially Connective Tissue & Fascia may be the physical system partnered with the pathways of the energy meridians. This is called the Modern Meridian Theory. Fascia has been known of since the dawn of science, but research is reportedly being done over recent decades.

My experience of witnessing and feeling how the body & mind can change and heal by opening up space in the tissues, thus opening up energy pathways, is a testament of validity to this research. Working with these two systems can achieve powerful results for rehabilitating the bodymind.

Here are a couple of anatomical drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci out of thousands that he did over his lifetime. Note the detailed Connective Tissue ligaments and fascial lines.

Anatomical Drawing
The muscles of the upper spine

Recommended References

Meridian System Description Chart


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