Crystalline body

Our Crystalline Body-Raise your vibration!

‘We are the technology we’ve been waiting for.’ Ruby inspired by the Hopi Elders

Did you know that we have a system in our body that is crystal? Crystals transmit and conduct energy, and that’s why they have been used in our modern day societies ever since the dawn of radio and television. This technology is used to enable us to tune into multiple channels by changing to a different frequency that is emitted through a crystal.

Our Connective Tissue and fascia is liquid crystalline as it carries fluids, and this is the physical structure whereby we conduct and transmit energy. All of our experiences are recorded in the body via this matrix like a computer chip. It is one big continuous network that connects all the other systems to aid communication with each other. Connective Tissue includes ligaments, tendons, and fascia, which holds us up in structure, gives muscle shape and ability to contract. What happens when we experience trauma whether it be physical, mental or emotional, is the involuntary contraction of this system in particular areas. After all, the body is it’s own innate intelligence! When physical trauma incurs, it is the musculoskeletal tissues that primarily gets contracted. When mental trauma occurs it can contract the spinal ligaments and tissues affecting the nervous system. Emotional trauma tends to contract the membrane Connective Tissue surrounding the organs. Due to the CT being one continuous sheath, one initial contraction of an area can have a domino effect and start affecting other parts. This causes postural issues, toxin build up and inflammatory conditions. The good news is, because of it’s liquid crystalline nature, structure can be changed of Fascia and Connective Tissue. Imagine a hose with kinks in it that blocks the water from flowing. This is similar to the concept of how CT & Fascia’s flow can get interrupted thus creating blockage. My focus being largely on this energy conducting system and unwinding ‘kinks in the hose’, I am able to facilitate long-term structural change and great relief for Chronic Pain conditions. This is also why it is so important to distance yourself from any major stressors or negative energies in your life, be it people, places or things, and go towards things that make you feel good because they are in you and your body’s best interest. Make your body your best friend. Listen to your body. How does she feel and what does she need to feel better? What are you absorbing into the bodymind in the way of food or information. What is your focus on most of your free time or otherwise? Is it time to detox the body and mind? What you input into your physical and mental body, determines the quality of your energetic output. Change your perceptions to change your choices, to change your experiences. You can tune into a more preferred channel in your life. 😉

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